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Video Conferencing, File Sharing & More

Work from home policies, disparate and diverse business locations, remote workers, contractors, freelancers, customer, users… all of these things make running a business a challenging proposition. And communication with, and between, all of these groups can be even more challenging. That’s where Pro Tech North Mail Team Workspaces comes into play. Team Workspaces allows people to communicate, immediately and in real-time, with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Team workspaces can be used with any number of participants, and include features such as video and audio conferencing, an interactive whiteboard, file storage and more. Team workspace organizers also have full control over who they want to participate as well as who can upload and store files. Group chat is great for participants within an organization, but Team Workspaces expands on that so anyone, whether part of the organization or not can communicate and work together.

Real-Time Video and Audio Conferencing

Video and audio conferencing is key to being able to work together in groups. A Team Workspace audio/video conference is limited to 8 individual participants, but those participants can be from anywhere: they do not have to be part of your organization, like they do in a Group Chat audio/video conference. In addition, users can share their desktops and each user has full control over their own audio and video stream, meaning that they can disable their own audio or video to handle things that aren’t pertinent to the others in their Workspace. For example, if someone walks into their office, if their doorbell rings, ect.

Group Chat

Pro Tech North Mail Group chat is also available across all areas of a Workspace. Users can text chat with each other across all features – from using the whiteboard to throughout a video conference – and the chat includes things like real-time image previews, link previews, the ability to add and upload files and much more. And best of all, all text chats are fully archived within Workspace, so users can re-visit the information contained within a Workspace chat at any time to retrieve important links, information or to refresh a task list.

Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard feature in Team Workspaces is great for a group collaboration on an interface diagram, a map, listing of features or product enhancements or any other thing that a standard conference room whiteboard is used for. Each user is clearly labelled as they make their change or add to the discussion, so each participant knows who is writing what. Once completed a whiteboard can be downloaded as an image file by each participant, so the information is stored and kept for later use.

File Sharing

A truly collaborate environment wouldn’t be complete without the ability to share files. The File Storage area of a Team Workspace can be controlled by the Workspace organizer, meaning they can control who can upload files, However any participant can download files as needed. In addition each Team Workspace card displays how many files were uploaded to each individual Workspace, both for organizers and participants alike.

Save Money and Eliminate Third Party Services

Pro Tech North Mail is moving more and more towards Unified Communication Platform. That means that users can start eliminating third party products and services that they may be using, things like #Slack, GoToMeeting, AnyMeeting and more. With audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, group chat, file sharing and more, Team Workspaces can easily replace virtually any third party product or service an organization uses for team collaboration.

Group Chat

Private, secure live chat for groups or teams using a web browser or virtually any desktop or mobile chat client.

A full-featured email and team collaboration server that provides the functionality a business needs.

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