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Work Together with Pro Tech North Mail

Share Contacts, Calendars and More

Pro Tech North Mail is a powerful Windows team server designed to help businesses connect with customers, employees and partners using today’s most popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac, Apple Mail and a wide variety of mobile devices. Increase productivity with the enterprise level collaboration feature, such as email and shared contacts, calendars, tasks and notes – that most people associate with more expensive mail servers like Microsoft Exchange.

Robust Calendaring and Scheduling

Users have access to powerful Calendaring features that make it easy to stay connected with both business and personal contacts, either in their favourite desktop or mobile client or in Pro Tech North Mail Webmail interface. The features include:

  • Select a default calendar view (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Appointments)

  • Show task start and end/due dates

  • Specify working/business hours

  • View a 7 day weather forecast

  • Create rules to auto clean old calendar entries

  • Free/busy scheduler with attendee availability

  • Create recurring events and delete/edit individual instances

  • Much more

Conference Room Scheduling

It’s just as easy to schedule where to meet for an event as it is to coordinate with the people whom you want to meet. A conference or meeting room can be selected as part of the invitation process, and if a conflict is found with one or more invitees it is prominently displayed so that either a different room can be selected or an alternate date can be found.

Full content management

Keep detailed information on each person you communicate with, including the ability to log multiple email addresses per contact. Adding contact categories means personal communication can be separated from professional interactions. In addition finding information on a contact in an address book has never been easier.
Users can track entire conversations with a contact or view a list of recent appointments and attachments related to each contact with a click of a button. Plus users can download, save or send contacts in .CSV or vCard format.

A full-featured email and team collaboration server that provides the functionality a business needs.

Stop 99% of spam & viruses before it gets to your inbox

Communicate using email and group chat from most smartphones and tablets or an any desktop email or chat client.

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