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Efficient and accurate Spam Protection

Pro Tech North Mail Hosting includes efficient, powerful Spam Protection with an accuracy rate of 99.98%. Our Spam Protection works by securely scanning all incoming and outgoing mail via an intelligent software before it reaches you or the recipients inbox.

Incoming Filtering

Why use Incoming Filtering?

Incoming Email Filtering filters all inbound email and eliminates spam & viruses before these threats reach your inbox at a nearly 100% accuracy rate. All detected spam is sent to your Spam Folder for your review and detected malware is sent to quarantine to protect you and your devices.

How it works

Once your domain is (automatically) deployed to the Incoming Filter, and filtering is activated, emails will pass through Pro Tech Norths filtering software. Incoming emails are securely analyzed and scanned in real time. No training or configurations are required and everything works out of the box. Any message detected as spam is moved to the your spam folder, while non-spam is sent to your inbox.

Incoming Filtering gives you all these benefits…

  • Full Inbox protection

  • Extremely accurate filtering

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Included with all Pro Tech North Hosting plans

Outgoing Filtering

What is outgoing filtering?

Outgoing Email Filtering is vital to safeguard your online reputation and ensure all your outgoing emails arrives safely where it should. This professional solution will block spam & viruses from leaving your email and prevent your domain(s) from being blacklisted ever again. Moreover, Pro Tech North Outgoing service detects bounce backs and recipients marking your message as spam.

Why you need it?

Has your network ever sent out spam email without your knowledge? Due to network weaknesses almost any device can be compromised to transmit outbound SMTP, allowing spam or malware to be sent out from your network without you even knowing it! Therefore, it’s critical you invest in a professional Outgoing Filter solution. Maintain your company’s good reputation, stop spam from leaving your network and prevent being blacklisted so that your email always arrives where it is meant to go.

Outgoing Filtering gives you all these benefits…

  • No more blacklisting

  • Protect the reputation of your brand and domains

  • Avoid de-listing costs

  • Increase outbound email continuity and delivery

  • Enhance employee productivity

  • Included with all Pro Tech North Hosting plans

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