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Complete Desktop and Mobile Synchronizing

Sync to any device you use

Pro Tech North Mail support for CalDav, CardDav, IMAP, POP3, XMPP and more means you can access your data on the mobile device or desktop application you prefer. Enjoy full collaboration features and synchronize your email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes to the latest Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry phones and tablets as well as desktop email clients like:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac

  • Windows Mail

  • Apple Mail

  • eM Client

Mobile Team Chat

Pro Tech North Mail has a built in XMAPP server so its fully compatible with a number of mobile instant messaging clients. This means users can stay connected to their teams even when traveling. This ensures that your always available and have immediate access to any important information that you may have otherwise missed.

Interface Designed Specifically for Smartphones

Pro Tech North Mail includes a simple, yet fully effective mobile interface designed specifically for smartphone users. Managing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes on Android, iPhone and Windows phones via mobile interface is hassle free and easier than ever. While users can always sync their phones mail and calendar apps with Pro Tech North Mail, the mobile web interface is perfect for those times when a personal phone is unavailable or out of reach and you need to borrow a friends phone to setup a meeting, check your mail and more.

Corporate Email

Intuitive webmail, contact management, team collaboration and more: The perfect corporate email solution.

Stop 99% of spam & viruses before it gets to your inbox

Work with Your Team

Connect with customers, employees and partners using today’s most popular desktop and mobile email clients.

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