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Security is a Top Priority With Pro Tech North

Industry Standard Antivirus Protection Included

Every account of Pro Tech North Mail includes effective and self updating virus protection measures. Using ClamAV, detailed antivirus activity reports are available at the domain and user levels. In addition the ClamAV signature database is updated multiple times a day and includes generic signatures that are able to detect new virus variants at a high rate.

Additional Safety and Security Measures

While keeping the email server protected from viruses and other malware is a great start, there’s more to having a secure mail server than just antivirus protection.
That’s why Pro Tech North Mail includes additional security features, including:

  • Password policy enforcement

  • Built-in intrusion detection system

  • SSL/TLS Protection

  • Email harvest attach detection

  • Denial of Service (DoS) attach prevention

  • Brute force detection

Use Pro Tech North Mail Webmail and group chat client right from your favourite web browser.

Stop 99% of spam & viruses before it gets to your inbox

A full-featured email and team collaboration server that provides the functionality a business needs.

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